Your Donations Make The Difference

Over the years, many have stood with us. Their generous giving has made a difference in the lives of those who were in desperate need. Even today, donations from people like you help us continue the work we started.

Please choose from one or more of the options, below, to donate. Thanks for your support!

Sponsor a child £25 / $45 / ₹1800

You can provide this child with care, shelter, nutrition, clothing and medicines

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Sponsor a skill training project £10 / $15 / ₹1000

You can provide essential tools and other resources needed to equip a rescued woman with income-generating skills like tailoring, embroidery, jewellery and bag making, and baking.

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Sponsor a girl child £5 / $10 / ₹500

You can provide education for this girl from a village in Indian states like Assam and Orissa.

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Sponsor an HIV-affected woman £5 / $8 / ₹500

You can provide groceries, clothes, medicines and conveyance for this woman.

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Sponsor a home staff member £80 / $100 / ₹8000

You can provide resources to employ one caregiver in a children’s care home.

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Recreation Expenses £100 / $200 / ₹3000

Special Treat for Children £50 / $100 / ₹3000

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