Project: Sunflower
  • Girls at school

Sunflower provisions

What began 11 years ago by giving milk powder to a destitute woman who was infected with HIV & could not breastfeed her child, is today Project Sunflower which reaches over 300 individuals.

India has the second highest infection rates of HIV/AIDS in the world and if it doesn’t slow down will lead to as many as 50 million cases. Through Sunflower, 100 HIV-positive women who were abandoned by their families now receive support in the form of groceries, clothing, and medicines every month.

Sunflower seed

Fifty HIV-affected women and men who are in our care & eager to start a new life, have received interest-free loans as capital to begin something that will give them a steady income. With a loan of ₹10000 (£110), many have started income-generating initiatives like tailoring, car-wash & polishing service, fast-food eateries, selling vegetables or garments, stationary stores, taxi services, etc.

Sunflower skill for women

We have 5 field-workers who provide support and care for women trapped in the commercial sex trade. These women are trained in tailoring, embroidery, bag and jewellery making, or baking, to equip them with skills and seek new employment when they come out of the sex trade. Girls who have been rescued & are being looked after at our homes are also provided similar skill training.

Sunflower rescue

Prevention is better than cure. We strongly believe this.
Girls in the villages of India are often considered to be a burden to their parents. Instead of enjoying their childhood & receiving an education, they are forced to work and earn money for the family. These girls and their families become the target of the child trafficking mafia. We believe that empowering girls by educating them is a powerful means to eliminate trafficking of young girls.

Sunflower Rescue facilitates the education of girls whose parents cannot afford to educate them. We associate and partner with various organisations with the same vision across India and beyond.