Story of hope

Deepa had a hard life. From the age of 6 she worked in people’s homes: cooking, cleaning, washing, feeding and dressing children older than herself!

When her parents died, she ran away from one home to another looking for work and safety. In one home she was badly beaten but managed to run away. This is when Martin found her and brought her to Bethesda, where her brother & sister already were.

In this safe environment, Deepa was able to study and complete her high school. She went on to join an NGO in Mumbai who work with street children. After five years in Mumbai, she felt the need to return to BLC and is now employed here as a caregiver in our girls’ home, Rebekah’s Enclave. She also trains members of the Sunflower group. Deepa enjoys singing, dancing and going on nature walks. She can live life to the fullest!

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Success stories

Rajesh Boyer

Rajesh came to our home with his sister, Uma, and younger brother, Ramesh. He completed schooling and is now in university pursuing an undergraduate course in Computer Applications. His goal is to be self-sufficient and be in a position to help others.

Salman Chauhan

Salman Chauhan

Salman completed the Taj Skill Development Program in F&B service and is currently looking at making a career in the hospitality Industry.

Munni Talapati

Munni Talapati

Munni came to our home at the age of 8. She successfully completed her training in Housekeeping and is now employed at the Taj Properties in Goa.

Hallapa Rathod

Hallapa Rathod

Hallapa was sent to us when he was 6 years old. He completed his training and is now employed at the Taj Properties in Goa.

Uma Boyer

Brought by her grandmother, Uma was in our care for 10 years. She loves cooking and gardening. After high school she completed her Teacher's Training Course, and now works as a teacher at a prestigious school in Goa.

Joshua Bedasta

Joshua was admitted in our home when was 5 years old. He completed his high school, went through a training programme and is presently working in the electrical department of a company that manufactures industrial water purification systems.

Raj Shekhar

Raj lost both the parents when he was 3 years old and was brought to our home. He completed his high school and went on to be a sports trainer in Mumbai. He is plays for a cricket club as a hobby.