What we do
  • Provide & protect children who need care in our residential care homes
  • Provide help for AIDS victims in the form of groceries, clothing & medicines
  • Equip children who have learning difficulties in our special school
  • Facilitate self-reliance among women in distress by teaching them new skills
  • Facilitate self-reliance among HIV-affected men and women by giving interest-free micro-loans
  • Prevent child trafficking through education and life-transformation

In conversation with Beena & Martin

Why we started the Bethesda Life Centre
Beena & Martin

Beena & Martin

Beena grew up with a longing to do something for people who were poor, neglected, unwell and helpless. She wanted to make a difference in their lives especially after having seen the struggles of women who came to her parents’ home seeking help and shelter.

Years later, along with Martin, her husband, Beena moved to Goa. Together, they wanted to do something to make a difference in the lives of women and children who were in need of help. "We took a pregnant and unmarried woman into our home; she was infected with the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus and had nobody to care for her. We looked after her through her pregnancy and a beautiful baby girl was born”, says Beena.

Seeing the plight of women who worked in the red light area of Goa and the miserable life of their children, Beena realised the need to do something for these women and their children.

Martin recalls, "In the year 2001, on the 15th of May, we rented a room to start a residential care home where we could provide education and care for children of AIDS victims and commercial sex workers. Within five months we had 25 children in our care and had to move to a bigger place! Over the last 13 years we have looked after more than 400 children between the ages of 1 to 18. We now have three independent homes for boys and girls: Daniel's Enclave, Rebekah's Enclave and Joshua's Enclave."

Who we partner with

Jeremy Sharman and Elizabeth Marsh are the founders of the James 1v27 Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1112730) in the UK. This charity runs all our child sponsorship and fund raising activities in the UK. Bethesda Life Centre has been able to purchase houses and carry out some projects because of the strong partnership we have with James 1v27 foundation.

James 1v27 Foundation
Harborough Hill House, Harringworth Road
Gretton, Northamptonshire NN17 3DD

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